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Product Endorsement

The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad had installed 12 of your Switchrite Switch Point Indicators on our Main Line switches and crossovers at several key locations.  These have been installed for a period of over two years.

Our train and engine crews have reported to me, both formally through our System Safety Committee Meetings, and informally during my walkabouts on the property, what a benefit these Indicators are to our operation.  

Our Track Department personnel have also favorably commented that your product is easy to install and maintain, although these Indicators are virtually maintenance free.

Our train crews no longer have to approach key turnouts at very slow speeds as the Indicator color displays are clean and crisp, and are able to be seen for a longer distance than the normal switch target.  Additionally, at night, the reflection of the Indicator provides even more benefit. 

I am hopeful that many of the Class 2 and Class 3 properties will consider installing several of your Indicators at strategic locations throughout their property.  I am confident that they too will find these beneficial to their operations and will become a standard part of their hand throw turnout installation.

I would certainly recommend installing the Switchrite Switch Point Indicators on any railroad to enhance the operational safety and performance.   Oh yes, the price is a great value for your product. Best wishes on your continued success. 

R. A. Kollmar
Chief Engineering Officer

-Developed by experienced railroaders to help positively determine route.
-Mounts between switch points below rail height drawing attention to area of switch to be checked during operations.
-Highly visible day and night ( 1/4 mile minimum ) without using electricity or solar panels.
-Increased switch position visibility and positively determines route in Dark Territory
-The Switchrite™ requires a minimum of maintenance

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