SWITCHRITE Switch Point Indicators in Rome GA

SWITCHRITE is the safest solution for switch point indicators in Rome GA. Using modern technology via reflectors, these switch point indicators are visible both day and night and in any visible type of weather. They also function in all types of weather, and they can operate without electricity or solar. Their positioning on the track clearly tells which direction the track is ran. Reflectors can be red, green, blue, or yellow. With this solution, the chances of derailment in Rome would decrease significantly.

Rome, Georgia is home to Forestville Yard (Norfolk Southern Railway) of which SWITCHRITE is essential in keeping safe. To see SWITCHRITE installs and read what others have to say about our product, please visit the Installations and Endorsements Page. For questions about production, installation, and maintenance, please visit our FAQ page or contact us.

Forestville Yard and Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern Railway is a Class I railroad operating in the Eastern United States. Their headquarters are located in Norfolk, Virginia with 21,500 miles of track in 22 states, the District of Columbia, and has rights Canada from Buffalo to Toronto and over the Albany to Montréal route. However, the Forestville Yard is a crucial part of their 21,000 route miles of track.

Since 1986, they have been looking at safer ways to run their transport and SWITCHRITE is another step in that direction. SWITCHRITE would be an asset of safety and efficiency to any of their regional divisions in the following areas:

SWITCHRITE is essential in Norfolk southern’s classification yards:

General Freight Classification Yards:

Intermodal Classification yards: