Commonly asked Questions about the SWITCHRITE Switch Point Indicator:

How long does it take to install SWITCHRITE  Unit?

Installation of any of our unit takes about 30 to 40 minutes by one person. It can be done quicker with minimal installation experience. Access to a short installation video is available upon request.

What tools are required to install SWITCHRITE ?

Standard mechanical tools are necessary such as wrenches and a portable impact wrench.

Can the SWITCHRITE unit be seen from both directions?

The SWITCHRITE can be seen from both directions from at least a quarter mile distance in any type of weather or lighting. It is also visible when electricity or solar power are unavailable.

What maintenance is required on the SWITCHRITE unit?

When the switch is cleaned and graphited, the reflectors should be wiped off with cleaner and a rag when covered.

How well does the SWITCHRITE unit hold up?

SWITCHRITES have been inservice on several railroads since 2007 and are still operating as new. Reflectors can be replaced individually if damaged for a very low cost. The SWITCHRITE housing is constructed of 11 gauge powder coated steel and can withstand impacts from hanging equipment. We encourage any calls regarding maintenance or replacement concerns.

What color of reflectors are available?

Any color combination that your railroad uses can be ordered including blue.

On what types of track are your units installed?

Railroads and Commuter lines are using our product on their main line and yard tracks. Mining railways utilize our switch point indicators

What will The SWITCHRITE show if a switch is open?

Two colors will show on both sides of the unit to alert the train crew of a problem and give them additional time to stop the train. This is seen in several photographs in our installations page. 

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